Who is this Victoria woman?



Taken by Mae Suramek
One of my highly ambitious goals for 2012 is to develop my professional writing platform. First things first  I need a brand, an image, a marketing plan! What makes me different from F. Scott Fitzgerald? From Toni Morrison?  You, my faithful followers, will need to know the difference. As I’ve been finding in job interviews, answering the inevitable “Tell me about yourself” question is quite a tall order! What about me do you want to know? Professional? Personal? Both? How much? How little? Here we go:
 My restless spirit was wrestling for independence so I uprooted from charming rustic North Carolina to attend college in the equally charming rustic Kentucky (though, it must be said, ocean-less Kentucky) and study books by my favorite old dead guys and gals. While at Berea College I realized my life consisted of reading, creative writing, earring loosing, world traveling, coffee consuming, conversation making, and people investing. The most significant experience of my college career was when Jesus got a hold of my heart and radically altered my focus towards Him during an unbelievable semester abroad in Scotland. Christ is my ultimate joy, my highest joy, the joy I would trade over anything else. While I’m still keen on reading, writing, and the whole lot (though, I have been losing fewer earrings these days), my devotion is to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of that conversation-making and people-investing is done because Christ first loved me and I am satisfied in Him.

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  1. Bek on January 10, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Well done! 🙂

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