I graduated from Berea College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. (I was even able to spend a semester abroad studying English at the University of St Andrews in Scotland…that’s right, where Prince William & Kate met!) I married my husband in early 2013 and had every intention to climb the corporate ladder.

Until I took a pregnancy test with an unexpected positive result!

When my daughter was about five months old I decided to transition from a full-time to part-time employee
at that same marketing agency, so I could focus more of my attention to my perfectly squishy baby at home.

Unknowingly, I began the road to momprenuership
and the world of online business.

After a year of trying to keep it together as a corporate boss lady and being a great mother, I realized something had to give. It was around this time I started listening to podcasts and stumbled upon one that spoke directly to women thriving as freelancers. Story after story of moms working a side hustle while loving their family well intrigued me. I thought, “If they can do it, well so can I!”

But what business could I start?


I reached out to a few bloggers I had followed to pitch my skills. Lo and behold, I started getting hired! I later learned that this work I was doing had a name ‘virtual assistant’. I embraced the title and didn’t look back.

Through lots of hard work and doing it scared, I’ve been able to work with some amazing entrepreneurs over the years.

In fact, I became so excited about the freedom
online work offers that I created a course to teach moms how to start working from home as VAs! Along with my business partner, Carlee, we developed Moms Work Hard – an online course giving Moms confidence to use skills they already have to earn an income at home.

As you’d expect from an idea-machine, I found I just couldn’t stop talking shop and coming up with new ideas for my VA clients. In 2017 I refined my brand to highlight my specialty
in Social Media, Copywriting, Project Management. If you made it to the end of this saga, I think we’d work great together! Tell me about yourself - I think it will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

(PS. I occasionally blog, if you want to take our friendship to that level!)

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