If you've got grand plans, but you're running on the caffeinated fumes of this morning's reheated coffee with a child (or more!) hanging on your yoga pants, then let's be friends.

God uses crooked sticks to make straight lines for His glory.

Birth is a metaphor for life.

"Motherhood is sanctifying," as Ruth Chou Simons says.

You'll find me thinking and writing about birth, motherhood, and the Christian walk here. I've been blogging since 2010. During that time my online presence has served many roles: travel journal, devotional outlet, business platform, and idea incubator.

Currently, I see this space as my 'living room on the Web'. Here you'll find archived blog posts, occasional new ones, and links to other 'virtual living rooms' I've had the honor to visit.

My hope is you will find this URL a place to refresh, receive encouragement, and leave closer to Christ than when you came.

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