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You know that feeling when you’re trying to type up a blog post but want to bang your head against the keyboard? Or when you’d rather throw your laptop out a ten-story building than post to social media like you know you should? Or when all the joy is sapped out of launching your new product because of, well, the launch part?



You need time to work ON your business, and not just IN your business. As an entrepreneur myself, I support YOUR business by handling those niggly marketing to-dos clogging up your workflow so you can shine doing what you do best.

In addition to being a blogger and social media networker, I have over five years’ experience in Internet marketing. My ENFP ‘Campaigner’ Personality type informs much of how I approach consulting. By partnering together, I’ll bring a fresh sense of warmth, creativity, and an open-mindedness that will keep you moving forward. My clients will tell you I am enthusiastic, motivated, and offer creative solutions.

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