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Along with my husband, Ben, we provide top-notch book launch services to authors and publishers.

We go together like, well, everything amazing that goes together! Both Ben and I have worked in the business and marketing space, and have a knack for putting our heads together to create smart solutions that get results. He has joined me to provide book launch and other marketing services to our favorite top Christian publishers.

We consider it a privilege to work with authors who make a real impact with their words because we see the value of their message spreading far and wide. Authenticity is important to us, and we make it a point to collaborate with authors with whom we have a genuine connection.


Ben is an ISTP. His strengths are:

  • Ability to spot problems in systems and craft solutions
  • Enjoys learning new skills and adapts quickly to gained knowledge
  • Highly detail oriented and task focused
  • Systematic thought processor who considers all angles
  • Empathy for people and strong counseling sensibilities

Victoria is an ENFP. Her strengths are:

  • Articulate and engaging writing style
  • Creative thinker and problem-solver who enjoys a challenge
  • Adapts to new technologies quickly
  • Experienced in B2B and B2C communicating through a variety of media
  • Personable and friendly demeanor with an eagerness to work and learn

When we work together on your book launch, you'll get the best of us both!

Book Launch

Download our Book Launch Services Proposal

(These are great documents to send to your publisher!)

We enjoy giving personalized support to our favorite authors!

When we handle your book launch, here's an idea of what you can expect:

  • Managing Launch Team Community

We keep your launch group engaged during the book launch through interactive posts and sharing tasks. (Plus provide support to troubleshoot any issues!)

  • Coordinating Special Promotions

Assistance coordinating special book promotions, such as themed giveaways, and connecting with social influencers.

  • Launch Day Event Hosting

Launch Day is a big deal! On that day, you can expect full support creating excitement and action in the launch group. We have helped authors get as many as 100 Amazon reviews on launch day.

  • General Support Tasks

We understand that online marketing can often require quick action in a crisis! With past experience as a Virtual Assistant, we're happy to wrangle any jobs - big or small - that crop up as the project goes along.

Packages Starting at $1,000