Book Launch

I consider it a privilege to work with authors who make a real impact with their words because I see the value of their message spreading far and wide. Authenticity is important to me, and I make it a point to collaborate with authors with whom I have a genuine connection.

As an extrovert and encourager by nature, it brings me much joy to make a book recommendation I know will transform the reader.

As a book launch manager, I bring a fresh sense of warmth, creativity, and an open-mindedness that keep the momentum going.

I enjoy giving personalized support to my favorite authors!

When I handle your book launch, here's an idea of what you can expect:

  • Managing Launch Team Community

I keep your launch group engaged during book launch through interactive posts and sharing tasks. (Plus provide support to troubleshoot any issues!)

  • Coordinating Special Promotions

I provide assistance coordinating special book promotions, such as themed giveaways, and connecting with social influencers.

  • Launch Day Event Hosting

Launch Day is a big deal! On that day, you can expect my full support creating excitement and action in the launch group. I have helped authors get as many as 100 Amazon reviews on launch day.

  • General Support Tasks

I understand that online marketing can often require quick action in a crisis! With past experience as a Virtual Assistant, I'm happy to wrangle any jobs - big or small - that crop up as the project goes along.

Contact me to get a custom book proposal! (These are great documents to send to your publisher!)

Packages Starting at $1,000