Absolutely Loved My 1st Fix, But I Returned It: An Honest Stitch Fix Experience

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 12, 2016 /

The siren’s song of Stitch Fix has been luring me for years. It all started when big-name bloggers I follow posted their fixes. Then, slowly, medium-sized and smaller-bloggers I knew joined in the chorus. Then one of my I-didn’t-meet-you-on-the-Internet, you’ve-been-to-my-house friends signed up. I figured if she was on board, I could give it a…

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The Doula Post

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 24, 2015 /

I don’t know when I first felt the inkling to become a doula. It could have been when I discovered my parents’ copy of A Child Is Born. Amazed, slightly embarrassed, and intrigued at the full-spread image of a baby’s head emerging from between his mother’s legs. It could have been when I watched my…

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Hasten Ye Back: My Return Trip To Scotland

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 25, 2015 /

I started what would become this blog in 2010, to document my semester abroad at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Those five months changed my life in ways I am still realizing. I felt independent. Free. Alive. As if I was falling in love – with a land and its people. Even today, I hold…

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Mothers And Daughters (Poetry Chapbook) G I V E A W A Y

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 6, 2015 /

I had the joy of studying with Catherine in college and, since graduation, we’ve kept in touch about our various writing endeavors. Catherine’s first published work (she’s going on several!) is a poetry chapbook, written as a heartfelt tribute to her late mom, called Mothers & Daughters. As a mother to a daughter myself, Catherine’s…

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Good Things: Natasha Red Shop

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 1, 2015 /

For me, cooking has always been more of an art than a science. And by art, I mean fingerpainting. A young single, ‘cooking for myself’ meant lots of peanut butter bagels and granola with yogurt. Sandwiches counted as a square meal. (Get it? Sandwiches. Square meal. Moving on.) Unfortunately, my new husband did not care…

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Good Friends & Good Books: Blue Birds by Caroline Starr Rose

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 14, 2015 /

When did you realize you had made a friend for life? It could have been when she helped you borrow the neighbor’s canoe to have an Anne Of Green Gables-style adventure on the lake. (The neighbor who happened to be out of town…and didn’t necessarily give you permission to borrow the canoe in question. But…

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2015 Goals

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 31, 2014 /

Goal-setting used to make my stomach turn. Not jotting down New Year’s Resolutions on an office bulletin board. That’s cake. I mean real goal-setting. The kind where you announce, “I will do this thing!!!” And then go do it. For real. I’ve always been wonderful at declaring what I want to do, but having the fortitude to follow…

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Reader Survey: I Asked, You Answered

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 28, 2014 /

My very first reader survey went so well, thanks to your generosity!!! I mean, hey, who else would take a survey with the disclaimer, “There usually is some sort of incentive for these sorts of things, but I’m not doing one”? YOU GUYS! Here’s what I discovered about you! Y’all are the best. Seriously the best.…

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State of the Blog Address [+ An Easy Peasy Giveaway!!!]

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 11, 2014 /

As 2014 draws to a close, I thought it made sense to do a recap of 2014. Seriously y’all. December has been the month of catching my breath. Ben and I have live a lot of life this year (there’s a post brewing, so more on that later.) Scroll down to the end of this post…

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25 Things That Fire Me Up

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 4, 2014 /

I’ve not shared a Things That Fired Me Up post in several months. If you’re a new reader, Things That Fired Me Up is my space to get a few things off my chest: the funny, the serious, and the slightly neurotic. As a nod to my upcoming 25th birthday, here are 25 things that fire me up. Americans who…

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