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25 Things That Fire Me Up

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 4, 2014 /

I’ve not shared a Things That Fired Me Up post in several months. If you’re a new reader, Things That Fired Me Up is my space to get a few things off my chest: the funny, the serious, and the slightly neurotic. As a nod to my upcoming 25th birthday, here are 25 things that fire me up. Americans who…

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Your Burning Questions, Answered

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 30, 2014 /

My friend Catherine Valentine tagged me to do this Q & A challenge. So, because it’s Christmas, I had to say yes. (Also, I love Catherine!) Four names that people call me, other than my real name: Sar-Mir-Gab-Victoria (Because I have three siblings, and sometimes even the dog comes before your name.) Sweetheart (Only my husband…

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Hello What Works

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 17, 2014 /

I’m saying hello to what works. Goodbye old filing systems that other people created. Hello simple notebook and pen. That works for me. Goodbye complicated scheduling systems. Hello old timey day planner. That works for me. Goodbye 6am alarm clock. Hello waking up when I feel rested. That works for me. Goodbye morning devotionals. Hello…

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Keegan – My First Car

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 20, 2014 /

Linking up first car stories on Carla’s blog, This Messy Heart. My first car was a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle named Keegan. He was as epic as his name suggests. I first met Keegan on the eve of my 16th birthday. Dad and I drove to Charleston, SC – in response to a Craigslist ad, I believe –…

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When Your Blog Blows Up

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 17, 2014 /

Y’all. My blog blew up. You blew it up! Can you read that number? 1,096. And we’re still counting. This morning we were at 1,300+ This post resonated with more people than I ever imagined. Thank you. Seriously, thank you so much. When I read Samantha Pugsley’s thoughtful article, my heart dropped. Something didn’t sit right. I tried…

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Getting to Know You – Well, Me.

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 8, 2014 /

Catherine threw down the gauntlet. Okay, she didn’t really throw down the gauntlet, but she did post a rad questionnaire and invited her readers to join the fun. I thought I’d take the challenge. Below are several things you never knew you wanted to know about me. Additionally, this is an excellent time to tell you that Catherine has just launched a…

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Your [Internet] Friends Are My Friends {Linkup Party!}

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 2, 2014 /

Emily Freeman writes about building a bench, rather than an author platform. Earlier this year I made a conscious, but not a formal or public, decision to make this space more about others than myself. Blogging has been more enjoyable with that intention in mind. Rather than thinking about what I want to say, I picture what I need…

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Things I Learned in June [Spitup & Mastermind Groups]

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 2, 2014 /

1) How to take a panoramic picture on my iPhone. You probably already know this, but it’s new to me! For detailed instructions better than I could provide, watch this video. I caught this shot at the wedding of a friend of ours. (Click for full size!)

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A Rambler's Manifesto

By Victoria Easter Wilson / June 19, 2014 /

Y’all, this is a defining moment. A big step for the blog. And for the ‘Victoria’s Ramblings’ brand. (As much as I’ve been second guessing its name lately!) Ramblers, we have a call to arms. A manifesto. A document describing why we do what we do. And I want to share this charge with you. Click here…

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The Horrible Moment I Became "That" Person

By Victoria Easter Wilson / June 10, 2014 /

I didn’t see it coming. Truly, I didn’t. It happened without warning. I couldn’t fathom that one minute I’d been enjoying a rehearsal dinner and the next transform in to the monster that is *that* person. You know the one. That person. The unsolicited advice giving person. O help. Glowing, the bride described their Hawaiian…

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