The Snooty Cheese Lady

There is a charming European-style Wine+Market across the street from my office. Though the goods are exorbitantly priced, the epicurean treats cleverly excuse themselves on their own delicious merits. Having a penchant for all things European, I take lunch there whenever my wallet allows me a chance.
Last week as I was enjoying my slices of bread and cheese, jingling door bells interrupted the lazy afternoon. With a wisp of Chanel perfume the, what I assume must be, premier socialite of Lexington, Kentucky graced us with her presence. She wore a white suit with gold vest and light blue Hermes scarf. This woman sailed in the door with a long, “Helllooo dah-ling,” to the Wine+Market proprietor.
She breezed past me, as it turns out Hermes scarves demand service before entry-level employed college graduates, and announced, “I’m holding a cheese tasting party next week and I desperately need a larger selection.” Never realized the lack of cheese would place one in such dire straits. “Money is no object,” she said. Well, heck, if that’s the case I’ve got some bills I can send your way Cheese Lady.

As the owner began pulling samples and making general inquiries, Cheese Lady began to strut around the store as if she owned it. Her hands would flick as she pointed to a wines and olive oils, reminding us all of that time she was in Italy and had the best wine ever and hasn’t been able to find anything like it since.
“There simply is nooooo food around here.” She said, “It’s all greased or fried. No flavor whatsoever! I like my food fresh! Fresh! Fresh!”
Okay, woman, we get the picture.
The Snooty Cheese Lady didn’t stay long, I’m sure she had another pressing engagement, but her memory stuck with me. I’m not a rich person – never have been and never will be. Though I have been blessed with my own trips to Italy and other charming experiences, my life is very down-to-Earth. I’m not here to scorn her wealth or even her cheese tasting party. What amazed and horrified me about this woman was her attitude. Whether a prince or pauper, how you treat those around you really determines your social abilities.
My parting words are hopefully encouraging, as always. More important than social status or bank accounts, you are only rich if Christ has lavished grace and the riches of His glorious inheritance upon you (Ephesians 1:7-8, 18).


  1. Bek on May 9, 2012 at 4:04 am

    so true! i love your reminder that it’s all about attitude. i’m sure you’ve seen that pic on pinterest that says something like “character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you” or something like that… how fitting!

  2. MB on May 16, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    I have been wanting to try this place for quite some time. Since you enjoy it, I am encouraged to hurry and visit. As for the snobby cheese lady, I do hope I run into her so I can darling her in my best holler accent. “Daahling, but of coursed you must be unaware that the line starts BEHIND me. What a lovvvvely Hermes scarf!” In my opinion, people like that need a taste of their own medicine. Money can purchase many things, alas manner is not one of them.

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