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I love blogging, I truly do! Blogging keeps me accountable to write on a (somewhat, I hope!) consistent basis. And the bloggers I follow inspire me to write funnier, edgier, more thoughtful, and – ultimately – better posts. We bloggers make a little home for ourselves on the Internet, don’t we? Inspired by one blog that’ll be featured, allow me to introduce my favorite virtual homes, if you will:

She Learns As She GoesIf you know Blimey Cow you may already be acquainted with this blogger! Kelli is part of the Blimey Cow team and thankfully, for the rest of us, she  keeps a fantastic blog! She Learns As She Goes is Kelli’s invitation for her readers to join along as she is, in her words, “figuring things out as I go along.” Kelli runs really fun series, like her Monthly Report Cards, and will periodically host giveaways. (I even won a cardigan once! Thanks Kelli!)





Katelyn James Blog
Though I just got married, I still have an odd fascination with looking at other people’s wedding pictures! Katelyn James is a fantastically talented wedding photographer based in Virginia. She’s a truly engaging blogger and has a real grasp of personal marketing, which I find helpful personally and professionally. Also, she’s beyond cute. (I’m totally serious. There’s cute. There’s beyond cute. And then there’s Katelyn James.) I discovered Katelyn after she photographed a family friend’s wedding and have been hooked on the eye-candy ever since. Once I even sent Katelyn a totally-dorky-fan-girl email and she responded, ever so kindly. (Thank you Katelyn, really, that was very kind of you!) If you’re ready to invest in engagement and wedding photography, hit this girl up!




A friend recently introduced me to Emily’s blog Chatting at the Sky. I know that if you start to read Emily P. Freeman, like me, you’ll quickly find it’s hard to not love her! Though I haven’t yet read her signature book, Grace for the Good Girl, I find her blog charming and thoughtful. She has tons of awesome tips for budding authors and insightful reflections on the Christian life. Having  majored in English, I especially appreciate the literary-ness that characterizes her writing. (And, no, “literary-ness” isn’t a word but it sounds lovely, doesn’t it?) Emily encourages conversation between bloggers and her warmth is hard to miss. (Thank you, Emily, for making me feel so welcome in your community of readers!)


Biblical Homemaking First, the obvious. Mandy, who blogs at Biblical Homemaking, has the most gorgeous head of hair I’ve ever seen. (Really Mandy, you do! Mind blown.) My husband’s cousin, a fellow blogger, introduced me to Mandy’s blog and I’ve really enjoyed getting a glimpse of her lifestyle. Mandy posts on every homemaking topic you could imagine! Food, fitness, DIY, home decorating, marriage, pregnancy, raising children, and how to honor the Lord in it all. Though she’s a recent addition to my blog roll, she’ll be a constant one.


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  1. Bek on April 4, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    I heart you, Victoria! Thanks for sharing these awesome blogs. Don’t you love that blogging keeps us real? So good.

    Miss you!

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