Zwischen Girl

By admin / April 19, 2018 /

Zwischen Between. Not here, yet here. Baby girl tumbles and twists – just like my heart, waiting for her. (Inspired by these words from a midwife that have been a source of encouragement through all my pregnancies. Photo credit to Crossland Photography.)

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Surprising Myself {A CLEO MADISON Clothing Review}

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 24, 2017 /

I love surprises. Big surprises, small surprises, I’m not picky. I love the adrenaline-hype build-up and the oxytocin rush that follows. The most startling surprises to take in, I think, are the types when we discover new characteristics about ourselves. Take, for example, this year when I learned a new fact about myself: I enjoy style.…

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I've Been Hard At Work…

By Victoria Easter Wilson / June 7, 2017 /

I’m long overdue a post! My last writings came from a harder place of life, and first I want to give you an update as to how I’m doing. Through a winding process of medical detective work (which we’re still on!) I discovered that I have a vitamin deficiency. At least for now, that’s the…

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A 27th Birthday Poem

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 21, 2016 /

belly born. science slicing windows into nature’s womb, a kind of miracle.   hours clocked – long days, longer nights. by design i cannot, for the life of me, remember the work it took to raise me.   only when i look at my daughter, tucked into her own bed, do I know how my mother…

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How I Became A Virtual Assistant (5 Tips For New VAs)

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 23, 2016 /

There’s been a lot of interest in my work as a Virtual Assistant. And I get the appeal. “You have a work-at-home job that isn’t a ponzi scheme? You can make money in your yoga pants!? Tell me more!” While I’m still very new to this game and have much to learn, I hope that…

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Influence Conference 2015 | RECAP

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 25, 2015 /

Several years ago I learned about these two gutsy ladies and their crazy idea of putting together a community of godly women who ‘get’ the Internet. Turns out, the idea isn’t so crazy after all. I was finally able to formally join The Influence Network* last year and have been so equipped by the resources they…

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Figuring Out All The Things

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 15, 2015 /

If you know me in real life or follow me on social media, you’ll notice I’ve been all over the place. A recent book signing. Birth doula workshops. Work-from-home virtual assistant-type jobs. Supporting my husband in his new podcast. Just what is this woman up to!? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself, frustrated the answers…

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What Happened To That Book I Wrote That One Time

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 13, 2015 /

So I wrote a book. I hustled hard to get it finished. I self-published it last October. Then promptly stuffed my thirty chapters. The reasons for my sudden silence on this project are many. Perhaps the greatest being I got embarrassed. Not sexy to admit, or even fair to my loyal readers, but it’s true.…

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A Blogger Without A Blog

By Victoria Easter Wilson / April 10, 2015 /

I felt sick to my stomach. Almost like I got punched right in the gut. It’s the feeling you get when you know something really bad is about to happen. My blog was down. Alright, alright. I understand this predicament isn’t actually the end of the world. And it’s probably not even relatable to most…

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Don't Stress, Just Write // A (slight) Blogging Change Of Plan

By Victoria Easter Wilson / March 10, 2015 /

A portion of my 2015 goals read “pursue a few opportunities that will allow me to compensate my time online.” I have been pursuing such opportunities. And it’s been totally stressing me out. Building a blog that attracts brands. Applying to ad networks. Signing up for affiliate programs, and trying to include affiliate links without…

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