My Complex Mornings


I have a morning complex.

Maybe a morning beat me up when I was a little  kid. Maybe my past mornings have been too jarring, too traumatic. Maybe I’ve always thought mornings were prettier and brighter than me. I don’t know, but I do know that I have major morning issues.

Unfortunately, for Ben, my morning complex is no longer my own. Marriage makes sharers of us all.

Let’s walk through a typical Victoria morning:

6:30 am – Alarm goes off.

6:31 am – Alarm gets turned off.

6:35 am – Another REM cycle begins.

7:00 am – Second alarm goes off.

 7:01 am – Second alarm gets turned off.

7:05 am – Lie back and look at the ceiling, willing to push myself out of bed.

7:06 am – Roll over and tuck my head under the covers, denying that I have to get out of bed.

7:15 am –  Drag myself out of bed, muttering my hatred of the a.m.

7:20 am – Meticulously select outfit.

7:30 am – Eat breakfast.

7:35 am – Attempt Bible reading and prayer.

7:45 am – Decide I need to change meticulously selected outfit.

7:50 am – Realize I’m late for work, throw lunch in a bag, kiss Ben goodbye, dash out the door, and wish I could get a grip on my mornings.

My morning relationship is obviously dysfunctional, to say the least.

The Holy Spirit has really been pressing me about my morning issues. God created the morning, just like he created noon and night. There’s got to be a redeemed way to look at my mornings and use them for my good and God’s glory. There’s got to be! Over the next several months I am purposing to study how the word “morning” is used in Scripture. What Hebrew words for “morning” are used? What about Greek ones? What happens during the morning time in the Bible? I’m praying that by meditating on Scripture, I’ll gain some understanding.

Now hear me, I’m not looking for a life hack to make my mornings more productive or successful  Not at all! What I want to do is honestly examine how to spend the start of my day so that Christ is made much of.

I would appreciate your prayers because, as you now know, I can be a bear in the mornings.

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