June Resolutions

Y’all already know I love what Kelli is doing on her blog, She Learns As She Goes. This month, I decided to join her Monthly Resolutions link up, it’s a pretty fun series! To see all of Kelli’s monthly resolutions and report cards, hop on over to She Learns As She Goes.

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Here are my June Resolutions:

Get Through My 1st Trimester!
Just one month to go before I’m out of the dreaded 1st trimester! We had an ultrasound last week (at 8 weeks, 2 days) and Baby Wilson (fondly called “the Teddy Graham”)  is looking strong and healthy. Mama needs to stay healthy, keep eating fruits and veggies, and be patient until her energy returns!

Be Intentional With This Blog
I want to be more intentional about posting to Victoria’s Ramblings and networking with other awesome bloggers. (I’ve been wanting to join a link up for a while, so this is a great first step!) I’m considering attending a blogging conference in the fall but feel like I need to “prove” to myself that I’m serious about making this blog a special place for people to visit first. Victoria’s Ramblings is still very much finding its niche.

Be Intentional With My Church Family
I have a wonderful Jesus-loving, Gospel-preaching church family! And, for the next several weeks, I have the great honor to lead our women’s small group though a fantastic curriculum called The Gospel Project. In preparing, though, I’ve been personally convicted that I don’t love my family as well as I should. Too often we think building relationships with fellow church members should be “easy”. The body of Christ is so beautifully diverse! And cultivating true relationships among diverse people takes a bit of effort. This month I’m praying to really see an increase in my love towards and commitment to my church family.

Update My Wardrobe
Biblical Homemaking recently posted about how to take inventory of your wardrobe. My wardrobe desperately needs an inventory! This month I’d like to clear out the clothes I don’t wear, look at the clothes I do, and fill in the gaps. 

That’s what I hope to accomplish this June! What about you guys? Do you have any resolutions this month? What are some projects or goals you’d like to accomplish?

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