…Obviously I haven’t quite gotten the hang of managing my time after work. There seems to be a million things to do and only four hours to do them! So, here are a few brief thoughts. Not at all everything I’d hope to write. What will be will be.

I haven’t quite stopped thinking about this dynamic between “here” and “there” in terms of home. What is a home? Where is home? I won’t begin to answer those rhetorical questions (duh!). For the first time in my life driving to North Carolina feels as if I’m leaving home to go somewhere else. When did that change? When did my little one-bedroom starter apartment feel more “home-y” than my mom and dad’s?

Driving through Tennessee, I did begin to see my move to the Bluegrass a bit through my family’s eyes. Though they fully expected me to fly the coop when I moved out of the nest, I think we have taken time to adjust. Many of my high school friends are moving back, finding jobs, getting married, and so on. I planted roots over three hundred miles away. And still, we live on. I here, they there. Still family, still loving, still serving the Lord.

Maybe that’s it.

Where God is, home is. 

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  1. Bek on May 16, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    mmm, good thoughts! I totally had that when I was here talking about coming back from Christmas break. I said “i’ll be home on this day…” and then realized what i had said. God is what makes the home, yes? it’s where He’s called us. and i think it’s perfectly acceptable to have more than one home, just saying 🙂

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