Eating, Drinking, and Being Merry

Main Street Richmond, Kentucky is like any other Main Street in small-town America. There’s an imposing federal-style courthouse, a post office, and a plethora of banks and law offices. Main Street Richmond, KY does have one gem that no other small town can claim: Purdy’s Coffee Co.


I’m a bit of a coffee snob (just ask my husband). In high school the owners of a coffee shop in my hometown took a chance and hired me as a barista my junior year. That must have been the moment when my deep love of finely roasted, perfectly ground, percolated coffee beans blossomed.

Whether or not you know your way around a cup o’ joe, Purdy’s delivers.

I was lucky enough to sit down for a quick chat with Kristin Purdy, the owner, during my recent visit. She gave me a glimpse of the journey her and her family have been on, bringing their caffeinated dreams to life. Purdy’s opened its doors in May of 2012, after a year of pouring in some serious “sweat equity” into restoring the gorgeous Victorian-era building the coffeehouse occupies.

My Facebook friends can tell you, Purdy’s is a favorite check-in of mine. I work for a company that allows me to telecommute part of the week. You guessed it, Purdy’s is my favorite office-away-from-the-office. During my most recent trip to Purdy’s, I was able to enjoy their homage to Girl Scout Cookies. As I’ve written before, Girl Scout Cookies are a favorite of mine. As a way to contribute to the community, Purdy’s created a series of Girl Scout Cookie flavored lattes and donated a percentage of the proceeds to Madison County Girl Scouts. Not only did my Thin Mint latte taste divine, it was topped with an expertly poured leaf rosette.


Have you ever seen anything so beautiful!? (Children, spouses, and small mammals aside.)

Anyone who visits Purdy’s Coffee Co. will instantly feel that there’s something special going on behind the coffee counter. Yes, they serve up delectable breakfast muffins and pour beautifully creamy lattes – but what else? Owner Kristin told me her family’s business is about more than just a great cup of coffee, though there’s that. It’s about the smile when you make your order, the vintage charm of the building, the community developing in real time on plush, leather chairs.

Kristin is visibly proud when she looks around her store; proud to see that she’s created a place where life is, well, lived. When I take a glance around the shop, I see nursing students cramming for their Anatomy & Physiology final and church members praying together. There’s the in-and-out college professor and huddled group of jittery middle schoolers, looking as if they mistakenly stumbled into this mysterious, adult environment. With each swing of the door, the welcome bells jingle and announce yet another customer who will soon become a friend. I can sense why Kristin Purdy is so proud of her business. I can. And, you know, I’m proud that Richmond can call her our own.

Until next time – as they would say at Purdy’s – Eat, drink, and be merry.

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