Dear Kind Coffee Lady

A true story that happened one chilly December day in Purdy’s Coffee Company.

Dear Kind Coffee Lady,

I didn’t expect this 5th trip to the ladies’ would be any different than the previous four.

You looked so engaged in your work as I walked past, scribbling notes on the papers sprawled in front of you. When you paused to look straight at me, I was caught off guard.

I can’t even remember your intro, or your words exactly, but I remember so clearly what you said. You told me that I looked beautiful. You said that I was glowing. You said so many nice, complimentary things about this baby bump of mine. You said you hoped it wasn’t weird, but you just wanted to say something.


Kind Coffee Lady, I can’t even tell you how deeply I appreciated your words. Pregnant women are used to hearing so many words. Words of warning or caution, words that discredit what our bodies are capable of, words that pry into our secrets. But you? You just spoke words of kindness.

Thank you. Thank you so very much.

And I hope my daughter’s words will overflow with kindness, too.



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