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Don't Stress, Just Write // A (slight) Blogging Change Of Plan

By Victoria Easter Wilson / March 10, 2015 /

A portion of my 2015 goals read “pursue a few opportunities that will allow me to compensate my time online.” I have been pursuing such opportunities. And it’s been totally stressing me out. Building a blog that attracts brands. Applying to ad networks. Signing up for affiliate programs, and trying to include affiliate links without…

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The Life & Death of Mrs. Perfection

By Victoria Easter Wilson / February 16, 2015 /

Mrs. Perfection woke up precisely at 5:45am, as was her daily custom, and silenced her analog alarm clock. LED lights create bad sleeping habits, you know. She drank one 12oz cup of coffee as instructed by her doctor, not a sip more, and ate a perfectly balanced breakfast. Not too much cholesterol, not too little…

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Good Things: Give Me Jesus Journal from Life Lived Beautifully

By Victoria Easter Wilson / February 8, 2015 /

Do you have a stack of journals piled somewhere in your house, spines balanced on top of each other every which way? Then, like me, you can appreciate a good journal when you see one. I’ve been through about 30 journals in 19 years (my early pages were full of scintillating details like, “Eit PopTarts…

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Gut-writing for God's glory.

By Victoria Easter Wilson / February 5, 2015 /

After thinking long and hard, I finally happened upon a tagline that describes my intentions for this space. And by “thinking long and hard,” I mean polling my Facebook friends and Instagram followers. It was very scientific. Truthfully, it didn’t seem right to define my blog without y’all. Together, we happened upon this phrase: “Gut-writing…

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The Cove's Christian Bloggers Retreat Recap

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 21, 2014 /

My husband knows me well. He knows I’ve been d y i n g to attend a conference. Any kind of conference. A women’s conference. A Christian conference. A blogging conference. An underwater basket weaving conference. (Okay, not so much that last one.) Since we’ve been married I’ve seen him off to about four conferences,…

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On Writing And Growing And Being Vulnerable

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 16, 2014 /

Writing is a bit like being seen in your underwear. And not even the pretty pair that makes your rear look good. Writing is embarrassing. It’s vulnerable, oftentimes painfully so. Can I let you in on a secret? I have trouble taking my own advice: act braver than you feel. I rarely feel proud and, even when I do, it’s for…

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Norma Grabs At The Wind

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 21, 2014 /

This flash fiction idea came to me during one of my pastor’s sermons on Ecclesiastes. Through personally studying Ecclesiastes, it is easy to want to rush and redeem the book through the lens of Christ – which, of course, is its ultimate purpose. I wanted to sit in the first few chapters for a while…

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Be Creative, Write Now!

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 13, 2014 /

Today I held a creative writing workshop for young writers at my local library. Y’all, it was a blast. I was really impressed with the students’ creative energy! Their ages ranged from 5 to 15 (+adult parents and helpers), but I’m happy to say I think an enjoyable time was had by all. At least, that’s what…

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My Very Own Paradigm Shift (Self Publishing)

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 8, 2014 /

Self-publishing is for losers. Self-publishing is for people who call themselves writers but are really, as my friend Kenneth hilariously said, harlots of the written word. Self-publishing is for folks who want to make a quick buck and think writing is the way to do it. It’s for self-absorbed narcissists who want to see their…

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Your Creative Process {My First Linkup!}

By Victoria Easter Wilson / June 20, 2014 /

When I asked if you would share your creative process, I was so delighted to read what y’all had to say! That got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be fun to share our creative processes in a more official capacity? Yes, it would be! Hence, I am announcing my first ever linkup party! [inlinkz_linkup id=418146 mode=1]

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