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Here & Now

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 23, 2013 /

The here & now and I have a tumultuous relationship. I rarely want to be here, now. Struggling to be in the present, you can imagine how well I handle change. Not very. (Unless, of course, it’s change that I planned. You other Type A’ers know exactly what I’m talking about.) It isn’t just me that struggles,…

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Just Write – Anything!

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 14, 2013 /

Her face shone with years’ worth of creative expression pouring from it. If you didn’t know her, you’d know she was a writer. Composition book bulging with words stuffed onto its pages. Stray pens falling out of every pocket. An artful scarf picked up from O, the places she’s gone. But I knew she was a…

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What I Want To Tell My Children

By Victoria Easter Wilson / April 21, 2013 /

It is very easy to despair of the future during such a time as this. I’ve been thinking a lot about how the world will look for our children. Is it really responsible to want to introduce a tiny, fragile human being into a place where people get gunned down at movie theaters? Where children…

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To My Readers:

By Victoria Easter Wilson / April 16, 2013 /

To My Readers: Who are you? Before I can write anything to you, I need to know who you are. At least, that’s the advice I’ve received from other writers and high school English teachers: know your audience. Again, the question, who are you? You may already know about me. I’m a bit of a rambler. I love…

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My Favorite Blogs

By Victoria Easter Wilson / April 1, 2013 /

I love blogging, I truly do! Blogging keeps me accountable to write on a (somewhat, I hope!) consistent basis. And the bloggers I follow inspire me to write funnier, edgier, more thoughtful, and – ultimately – better posts. We bloggers make a little home for ourselves on the Internet, don’t we? Inspired by one blog that’ll be featured,…

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A Subdivision Stroll

By Victoria Easter Wilson / March 10, 2013 /

Postage-stamp lawns stamped into perfection – according to the Homeowner’s Association, of course.   Bricks and mortar are vigilantly protected, hexagonal signs herald invisible guards to their post.   Manufactured creativity and people that indignantly defend their manicured lives.

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Writing: A Life-Long Romance

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 22, 2012 /

A fellow writer mentioned to me in passing this afternoon that she was glad to see someone (read: me) truly excited about writing. Then, I started to realize just how LONG I truly have been enthusiastic about the written word. We’ve had our ups and downs, writing and me. I do know our relationship has been life-long…

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