It has been two months since I married the hottest man alive and we are finally able to share pictures from our special day! We loved working with a budding, local photographer and thought her casual style really captured our personalities! I’m working on yet another Shutterfly photo album for our favorite wedding shots. For now, enjoy the memories here!

All photo credits to Jenna Blue Photography!



God was incredibly gracious and provided this Oleg Cassini designer gown (retailed at over $1,000!) for just $399! Say WHAT? Apparently, this gown was in last year’s collection and noooobody wanted it. I did! Cha-ching! I also loved having the little detail of this handmade wire hanger – which reads “Mrs. Wilson” if you can’t make it out! – that I bought from a vendor at a local craft fair. Berea proud!


Ben and I chose to do a “first look” and we’re so glad we did! It really relaxed the day and gave us tons of time before the ceremony to do portraits. With just us and our photographer (and some sneaky wedding party members we discovered shortly after!) the setting was really intimate and memorable. I’m so glad we had a special moment before things got crazy!


Daaaaaaaaaang I married a handsome guy!


It is so odd to look at myself and know when people said, “Here comes the bride,” they meant me!


If you’ve ever met Ben, you’ll know he’s a huge OSU fan. Not only did I have an Ohio State garter, I thought it would be fun to incorporate his team’s logo in our portraits!


I don’t often have attitude but, when I do, I try to give it all I’ve got.


We had the sweetest flower girls on the planet.


I had the best bridesmaids! It was so amazing to see childhood friends, meet college friends, meet family. One of these gals and I go way back (like, 4th-grade-haven’t-hit-puberty-yet way back). It was an honor to have these amazing, beautiful, smart, and talented women standing beside me at the altar. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to spend with them in the midst of wedding activities


Ben and all the groomsmen are huge sports fans. What better way to amp up for our wedding than with a game day huddle?


We got married in Danforth Chapel on Berea College’s campus. As an alumna, we got a pretty sweet deal on renting the venue! Our wedding looked so epic!


I think this was the part of the ceremony when Jonathan (center), our premarital counselor and officiant, said something about how Ben and I were a great picture of the diversity of the Body of Christ because we’re so different. Got a good giggle out of it because its so true!


We’re finally MARRIED! Walking back down that aisle with my new husband was one of the best feelings in the world! (If you’re interested, you can view our Shutterfly photo album here.)

I’m constantly amazed that God would have been so gracious as to bless me with a godly leader and lover (not in the creepy way) like Ben. We have been loving the married life and are looking forward to the future!

Are you married? What memories do you have from your wedding?


  1. Jo ann on April 14, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    Your wedding was beautiful. I can tell I am going to be in the minority come football time, being. uK fan and all. Lol
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.

    • Victoria Wilson on April 15, 2013 at 12:26 pm

      LOL Jo Ann, we still love you! Actually I think Rachel is a UK fan, which will make football season exciting to say the least! Thanks for the kind comments 🙂 It was a fun wedding!

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