Rain Makes The Flowers Grow – My Health and Anxiety Journey

By admin / June 11, 2018 /

My husband and I were enjoying a rare and treasured Saturday afternoon away as the leaves turned at the end of 2016. It took me the entire two-hour drive to our favorite city to get out the words in a faint whisper, “Ben…I think I might be depressed.” Motherhood, at the time, presented as the…

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I Didn't Marry My Dream Man

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 21, 2015 /

Ben and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary this week. Which, of course, makes me a bastion of marriage knowledge. Except not. If I may, I want to candidly share a thought with you that has been brewing in my mind over the past two years. (And I do so with my husband’s full…

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Why I Wear Two Rings On My Left Hand

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 5, 2014 /

I wear two rings on my left-hand because I need two reminders of the kind of love marriage requires. One is my engagement ring. A pretty little thing, a modest diamond showcased by a cathedral cut. It stands for the oopey-goopey, love-dovey feelings I had for my husband when we were first falling in love. It…

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To The Girl Who Waited And Wished She Hadn't, From Me

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 15, 2014 /

Dear Girl Who “Waited Until My Wedding Night To Lose My Virginity And I Wish I Hadn’t“, Firstly, thank you so much for your post in Thought Catalog. True to its name, I’ve been thinking. And I want to thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. We need more of both, especially when discussing intimacy. I’m…

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In Mid-Night

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 8, 2014 /

A poem I wrote in my junior creative writing class, 2010. It was inspired by my late-night drives back from Bible study, after sticking around to get a few more words in with the very handsome leader. I am now married to that very handsome Bible study leader. Midnight Tastes like burnt coffee, Metallic and scalding, From the…

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10 Ways To Redeem Your Engagement

By Victoria Easter Wilson / April 21, 2014 /

For Sophie xx Newly sparkling left-hands are common on my news feed. To put it another way, ere’y body’s getting ‘murried. My husband and I are taking part in three wedding ceremonies this season, and attending at least one other. Over the last few months my heart has been so endeared towards these women that…

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Our Wedding Wasn't The Best Day Of My Life

By Victoria Easter Wilson / February 14, 2014 /

Our wedding wasn’t the best day of my life. It just wasn’t. It was a happy day, but it wasn’t the best day. But please, don’t misunderstand me! I’m thrilled to be married to my husband. I love him so dearly! It’s just that the day we said “I do” wasn’t the best day of…

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Day 22) Wild Card

By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 22, 2013 /

“Are we saying yes to the dress!?” The consultant gushed, her face rapt with ecstasy – feigned or genuine, it didn’t really matter. “Yes, we’re saying yes to the dress.” I tiredly repeated her question back as a statement, exhausted by the forced enthusiasm. Cheering from my entourage erupted. Truth be told, they seemed more…

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Dear Bride-to-Be

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 17, 2013 /

Dear Bride-to-Be, Do you know your face is still glowing with those pink cheeks that magically appeared the day after your engagement? I imagine your head filled with ideas about table centerpieces and dress silhouettes, heart fluttering with the anticipation of finally becoming his Mrs. Mine was. Bride-to-be do you realize how much you’re about…

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6 Things After 6 Months of Marriage

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 24, 2013 /

6 months ago I married my best friend, my rock, my steady, my wonderfully introverted husband. We decided to celebrate our 1/2 anniversary as if it were our actual 1st anniversary, because on January 19th, 2014 we’re expecting to have our baby in the house! (The ‘half-iversary’ was entirely Ben’s idea. He really swept me…

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