Been acting pretty crummy, feeling pretty crummy

Not much to say other than I’ve been blowing it this evening. Can’t lie, work was stressful today: end of the month reporting pressures, computer issues for most of the morning, interpersonal office dynamics flaring up, and a day full of storm sirens. Thought I was handling it all very well (Warning #1) and left work just ready to be HOME.

Some unexpected free time with Ben, which should have made me very happy, but you would not believe the inconsequential things that ruined my mood. Dumb stuff. The worst part? I TOTALLY took it out on him. He became my punching bag. Like, seriously? I prayed throughout the morning and Jesus worked in my day to allow me to be Gospel-focused and Christ-like. As soon as I got home, my eyes left the Lord and my poor Ben got the brunt.

Threw on another sermon by Matt Chandler while I straightened up my bookshelf – I usually become cleaning lady when I’m frustrated with myself – and it was more convicting than I can say. The Law diagnoses our sinful condition, Jesus cures it. Jesus, thank you for saving – and continuing to save – me from myself.

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  1. Bek on March 1, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    thanks for sharing! yesterday was an “off” day for me too- thank you for the reminder that Jesus forgives and saves DAILY… praise Him for that!

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