Why I Chose To Be An Amazon Author

Think of self-publishing as a way that you, the author, can chose to distribute your content. Choose wisely. There are gobs of self-publishing options. Naturally, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Your project goals will determine the best platform for your book.

I chose to use Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace  (both Amazon.com properties) to publish my little book project. Here’s why.

Why I Chose To Publish With Amazon.com

  • Amazon.com is not only a search engine, but it’s a search engine that people come to with their debit cards in hand. Searching for and buying my book all happen on the same platform. That meant I was able to cut out several steps in leading my audience through the purchase cycle.
  • Amazon also does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the backend of self-publishing.
  • I was comfortable with digital sales. It wasn’t important to me to have mounds of copies of my book in a bookstore.
  • On that note, I liked that CreateSpace uses a print-on-demand (POD) model. I didn’t have to worry about buying large quantities of my books (ain’t got that kind of money!) and storing them in our apartment (ain’t got that kind of room!)
  • I liked that Amazon allows me to offer the digital and print versions of my books in the same spot.
  • Amazon offers worldwide distribution, so my friends across The Pond could have access to my book.
  • KDP and CreateSpace both offered amazing customer support and tools to help me navigate the process.
  • Amazon’s KDP YouTube channel was chock-full of convincing success stories. (Sad but true!)
  • Like most, I’m already familiar with Amazon. I’ve been a customer before and trust the company.

I am by no means an Amazon.com fangirl. (And this isn’t an affiliate post!) It’s just that at this time, for this project, KDP and CreateSpace worked for me. Are you considering self-publishing? What publishing options are you considering? I’d love to hear! 

Part of 31 Days To Self Publishing A Book #write31days 2014.


  1. Catherine on October 5, 2014 at 9:20 am

    I loved the print on demand as well and I liked that idea of my book being readily available on a venue that people are familiar with. It work for me, too. Now I just got to figure out KDP. 🙂

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