How To Preach The Gospel To A Newborn

My daughter is needy. She needs someone to feed her, clothe her, clean her, and soothe her. But the most significant need my newborn daughter has is the Gospel.

Little Carson is dependent on my husband and I to care for her physical needs and, whether or not she realizes it, her spiritual ones as well.

How do you preach the Gospel to a newborn? I’m finding it can be done by preaching the Gospel to ourselves.


You see, Carson’s mom is needy too. I need energy for 3am feedings and fussy nights. I need strength to rock her for hours one more time. I need patience when she wails unconsolably. I need understanding towards my husband. I need forgiveness when exhaustion and frustration best me. But ultimately I, too, need the Gospel.

When my daughter interrupts a quiet moment, she needs a mom to respond with the grace of the Gospel. When she just won’t stop crying, she needs a mom who is saturated with mercy of the Gospel. When she is sick and up all night, she needs to be covered with the love of the Gospel. A newborn may not understand the intricacies of justification by faith or penal substitutionary atonement, but she will understand the love of a mom who’s life is held captive to Christ.

I am empowered to give of myself freely because Christ gave freely to me. Our first mission field is our family. May Carson grow to know, love, and serve God as her mom endeavors to do.

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  1. Bek on January 31, 2014 at 10:35 am

    This is so, so beautiful, Victoria! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

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