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Please, for the love of literature, edit before you self-publish.

Personally, I struggle with slowing myself down long enough to edit. I’m a go-person. I just want the work to be done. But, as we all know, editing is a necessary step to becoming a better writer.

To bypass editing as a self-publisher is tempting, but I can assure you the step is more vital now than ever. As a responsible self-pub author, you must ensure that each step of the publishing process is honored. 

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How can you find a reliable editor? Here are a few tips!

Finding An Editor For Your Self-Published Book

  • Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask around for book editors. At first I felt high-maintenance and needy asking my friends for help. But, to my surprise, everyone I asked was more than willing to lend an astute editor’s eye. They were delighted, even! Offer to pay your editors something or exchange services, if you feel more comfortable. You need help. Ask for it.
  • Ask your mastermind group. I am part of a great little mastermind group that’s getting off the ground. (Don’t have a mastermind group? Start one!) Groups with the express purpose of helping its members move forward are great resources for getting any kind of assistance with your self-publishing project – editing or otherwise!
  • Use your publishing platform’s services. I’m publishing my book via Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace, both offer editing services I could have utilize for my project. I’m sure other self-publishing platforms provide similar services.
  • Look on a freelance service site. Sites like or are wonderful platforms to connect reputable freelancers with each other. Also, talk to your friends for recommendations. You’d be surprised at who may be in your network.
  • Plan about 3 months for reading and revisions. Don’t send your manuscript out to an editor with the urgent note, “Plz! Can u edit b4 Monday!?” Allow plenty of time for your editor to read the manuscript and provide thoughtful feedback. Then, of course, you’ll need to allow yourself ample time to make those edits!

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  1. Sarah M on October 8, 2014 at 9:58 am

    I’m loving your series, here….and I loved the money q & a. 😉

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