Day 28) Pursue an Idea

Can you believe that 31 Days is almost over!? I’ve loved writing for you, and reading alongside you, over the past 4 weeks. It’s been a joy!

One story idea that I will pursue post-31 Days of Writing Creatively is the character who appeared on Day 15, Courtney Wood Montgomery. When I went to the Social Security Office to change my name, I was struck with a bit of nostalgia over what I was leaving behind. (My maiden name was ‘Easter’ and I didn’t realize how much my name defined me until it was gone.) In the waiting room, this story idea of another woman who was changing her name popped into my head. You have to answer tons of official questions about your past that bring back lots of memories. I wondered what it would be like if all of those memories weren’t sweet. And, so, I guess way back in February Courtney Wood Montgomery was created, even though I didn’t know it yet!


Another creative pursuit that will continue post-31 Days will be this attempt to write brief poems. There were several prompts that called for conveying a thought with as few words as possible. I love the idea of presenting deep ideas with brevity, which is admittedly not my norm! I’d like to put together a small collection of brief poems, free verse, and just combinations of words in general. With a baby on the way, we’ll see how my grand plans unfold.

Did you stumble upon any interesting creative ideas worth pursuing this month?  

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  1. Bek on October 28, 2013 at 11:56 am

    I’m excited to see where you take Courtney. I like how she came from a personal experience, one that you wrote about from your perspective and now from hers.

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