Day 20) Daycare Day

We’re all here: me, Sam, Megan, and that kid’s name I can’t pronounce. Cookies on napkins. Juice in boxes. Toys all around.  A perfect Tuesday afternoon at daycare, if you ask me.

When I was just a kid, I didn’t really like daycare. I threw one of the biggest tantrums of my life when mommy dropped me off for that first day. No sirree, daycare was not for me. But, you know, I learned to like it. Seeing the giant playground built especially for me helped a lot. Also the cookies. Now that I’m 3, going to daycare is no big deal.

To be honest with you, sometimes I can’t wait for Monday to come just so I can play with all my daycare friends. Especially Megan, she’s cute.

Megan is 3 just like me. She has cute pigtails and wears cute clothes. I tell her she’s cute and she tells me to go away. I think that means she likes me, but I can’t be sure. At circle time I try to make sure I sit really close to Megan and talk to her about all sorts of interesting things like trucks and dinosaurs. Miss Jayme usually notices that I’m talking instead of listening and she moves me away.

That’s okay, though, I always bounce back.

Just another day at daycare.


  1. Bek on October 21, 2013 at 12:26 am

    Hahaha!!! This is hysterical! “I always bounce back.” Awesome.

  2. 31 Days of Writing Creatively on October 26, 2013 at 8:54 am

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