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The Funny Bits of Birth

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 21, 2014 /

After writing Carson’s birth story (of epic length) there were a few little details I wanted to add for your benefit and, let’s face it, amusement. Hard work can actually be pretty funny. As I moved through transition and headed towards the pushing stage, the pressure (read: pain) really started to intensify. As it came time…

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Carson Anne's Birth Story

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 13, 2014 /

Warning: This is a birth story. I will be discussing birth. Words and images associated with birth are to be expected. If you get squeamish thinking about a cervix, you probably should skip this one! (Also, if you’re wanting to get to the ‘good stuff’, skip down to Afternoon.) *Update* Read a different perspective of our birth story at!…

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Baby Loading

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 16, 2013 /

As I jot these few words, our little girl is due to appear in less than a month. This journey that began so unexpectedly is going to culminate in just a few weeks’ time. Then, another journey will begin. During these last days of “just us two”, Ben and I are caught between peaceful waiting…

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Apology To My Unborn Daughter

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 1, 2013 /

Dear little girl, It’s hard to write this letter to you. So very hard. It’s hard to admit that I already have to apologize to you before we’ve been introduced, but I must. I have to apologize to you because I’ve been ashamed of your existence. Today, I ran into an old mentor from my…

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Dear God, I'm Raising a Girl

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 7, 2013 /

Dear God, I’m raising a girl. You’ve given me a little girl to raise. A little head of hair to brush, rosy cheeks to kiss, and porcelain skin to cuddle. She’s not here but, O Lord, she’s here. She’s forever in my thoughts, constantly in my prayers, literally a part of me. I am reminded of her presence…

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Rock a Bye Pregnant Lady

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 12, 2013 /

“So, I walked up to this imposing aquarium and decided to go inside. When I was looking around, a marine biologist approached me and asked if I would step into the lab. Vials of liquids were stacked, row upon row. A pungent substance bubbled over a burner, thick smoke rising from it. An odd little scientist…

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Pregnancy Update: 3 Months

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 5, 2013 /

We’re officially out of the 1st trimester! There has been much joy in our home. MAN those first three months are killer! Thinking of food doesn’t make me nauseous anymore and I finally don’t feel like a zombie queen when I wake up in the mornings. We had an ultrasound last week and got to hear…

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A little soon, isn't it?

By Victoria Easter Wilson / June 8, 2013 /

I’ve been troubled lately. When I’m troubled, I usually write. I have to tell you, this post has been difficult to write. My husband and I made the announcement that I am expecting our first child about 6 weeks into my pregnancy. The overwhelming response I’ve gotten is something along the lines of, “It’s a…

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A Librarian's Perspective

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 19, 2013 /

Occasionally I flash my nerd badge. One of my first action items after I found out I was expecting was to research everything I could about pregnancy and childbirth. To the library stacks! After grabbing books with such titles as Pea in the Pod: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and In The…

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A gorgeous cascade

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 17, 2013 /

Being pregnant is like keeping a fragile secret. You don’t want to whisper it too loudly, for fear of it shattering by the sheer weight of the thing. From that Tuesday night when those tell-all double pink lines appeared, I’ve felt a massive amount of responsibility to protect our little buddy. We prefer to reference…

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