It’s been real #write31Days, it’s been real.

I’m glad we’re at the end, though. I’m ready to get back to my writing jam. It’s been neat to share this self-publishing journey, but the journey’s at a pause..for now. And I’m beyond okay with that.

My closing thought for self-publishers (or anyone trying any new venture, for that matter) is this:

Act Braver Than You Feel

It’s okay if you don’t think you’re qualified. You’re probably not. It’s okay if the work is a bit imperfect. You’ve got room to grow. It’s okay if you don’t feel legit. You aren’t, yet. But you will be. Little by little, act braver than you feel and before too long, you’ll find that you’re as brave as you’ve been acting.


Part of 31 Days to Self-Publishing A Book.

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  1. Catherine on October 31, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I could choose to dwell on the imperfections of my first self-published book or I can learn from them and move boldly forward to my next project. I’m really excited for my children’s book to come out, but after that I’m not sure. I’ve been swimming in doubts about my poetry so I think I’ll let it rest for awhile. But I’ll never stop writing.

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