2015 Goals

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 31, 2014 /

Goal-setting used to make my stomach turn. Not jotting down New Year’s Resolutions on an office bulletin board. That’s cake. I mean real goal-setting. The kind where you announce, “I will do this thing!!!” And then go do it. For real. I’ve always been wonderful at declaring what I want to do, but having the fortitude to follow…

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Reader Survey: I Asked, You Answered

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 28, 2014 /

My very first reader survey went so well, thanks to your generosity!!! I mean, hey, who else would take a survey with the disclaimer, “There usually is some sort of incentive for these sorts of things, but I’m not doing one”? YOU GUYS! Here’s what I discovered about you! Y’all are the best. Seriously the best.…

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A Christmas Reflection

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 26, 2014 /

I’m a slow burn when it comes to the holidays. By December 24th I usually have slung myself into the Christmas spirit, but it takes that long. My husband affectionately calls me “Victoria Scrooge” during this time of the year. For me, Christmas is linked to a handful of memories that aren’t very merry and bright. I find it difficult to…

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Christmas: God Come To Us

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 22, 2014 /

During our church’s Christmas service last evening, I struggled to pay attention. Tending to my feisty kiddo, and worrying over her distracting antics, all I managed to catch was, “Blah blah blah. Christmas. Blah blah blah. Jesus. Blah blah blah. Joy.” (Which is a hundred times more awful to admit when your husband is the preacher. #keepingitreal) I felt…

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When Life Looks Quite Ordinary

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 19, 2014 /

At 25-years-old I’ve graduated from high school and a four-year college. Lived in a foreign country. Interviewed for jobs and accepted offers. I’ve been engaged and planned a wedding. Gotten married and went on a honeymoon.  Bought my first Christmas tree. Taken a positive pregnancy test, thrown a gender-reveal party, and sent out birth announcements. Launched a…

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Finding the Joy in Mothering

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 15, 2014 /

There is a joy in mothering that can be hard to find. At least for me, anyway. It hides behind sleepless night and tantrums. It fights for air beneath feelings of inadequacy and fear. Clingy, grabby hands threaten to steal it. It is masked by a sense of loss over figure or freedom. For some, the…

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State of the Blog Address [+ An Easy Peasy Giveaway!!!]

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 11, 2014 /

As 2014 draws to a close, I thought it made sense to do a recap of 2014. Seriously y’all. December has been the month of catching my breath. Ben and I have live a lot of life this year (there’s a post brewing, so more on that later.) Scroll down to the end of this post…

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Falling In Love With My Daughter

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 7, 2014 /

Her eyelashes are without comparison. They curl so beautifully just above those clear, blue ocean-eyes of hers. She bats them, unassuming. Ensnaring the unsuspecting—me. Her lips are defined by a deep Cupid’s bow, held together by dimpled cheeks. They laugh or jabber, making elementary sense of language. And, O, those yummy baby thighs. Rolls upon…

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25 Things That Fire Me Up

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 4, 2014 /

I’ve not shared a Things That Fired Me Up post in several months. If you’re a new reader, Things That Fired Me Up is my space to get a few things off my chest: the funny, the serious, and the slightly neurotic. As a nod to my upcoming 25th birthday, here are 25 things that fire me up. Americans who…

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If She Kills The Green Room, Don't Bring It Back

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 23, 2014 /

Recently I was able to hear Jess Connolly speak at an event, and to say I was beside myself with excitement is a bit of an understatement. I’m kinda a Jess Connolly fangirl. I hustled my car down the interstate at approximately 80 miles per hour due to pure excitement. Also due to my lead…

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