The Cove's Christian Bloggers Retreat Recap

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 21, 2014 /

My husband knows me well. He knows I’ve been d y i n g to attend a conference. Any kind of conference. A women’s conference. A Christian conference. A blogging conference. An underwater basket weaving conference. (Okay, not so much that last one.) Since we’ve been married I’ve seen him off to about four conferences,…

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A tall glass of spiritual milk

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 18, 2014 /

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been around a nursing baby, but I can tell you they are hardwired to pursue one thing: their mama’s milk. It’s the reason why babies meltdown when their mommies leave the room. (And, to be fair, how would you feel if your refrigerator sprouted legs and walked off?) They…

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On Writing And Growing And Being Vulnerable

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 16, 2014 /

Writing is a bit like being seen in your underwear. And not even the pretty pair that makes your rear look good. Writing is embarrassing. It’s vulnerable, oftentimes painfully so. Can I let you in on a secret? I have trouble taking my own advice: act braver than you feel. I rarely feel proud and, even when I do, it’s for…

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Why I Wear Two Rings On My Left Hand

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 5, 2014 /

I wear two rings on my left-hand because I need two reminders of the kind of love marriage requires. One is my engagement ring. A pretty little thing, a modest diamond showcased by a cathedral cut. It stands for the oopey-goopey, love-dovey feelings I had for my husband when we were first falling in love. It…

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Act Braver Than You Feel

By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 31, 2014 /

It’s been real #write31Days, it’s been real. I’m glad we’re at the end, though. I’m ready to get back to my writing jam. It’s been neat to share this self-publishing journey, but the journey’s at a pause..for now. And I’m beyond okay with that. My closing thought for self-publishers (or anyone trying any new venture,…

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Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor [Book Launch Day!!!]

By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 30, 2014 /

If people have ‘fur babies’ I’m totally going to call Re’and my ‘book baby’. Emotions are many as I watch my friends, family, and total strangers (how. on. earth!?) begin to share my little book. I hope you all enjoy reading Re’and as much as I enjoyed the process of writing it. I have a sneaking suspicion…

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You're Not As Good As You Will Be

By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 29, 2014 /

Self-publishers may have a heightened sense of awareness about the quality of their work. (I imagine because they have to give themselves permission. They have to make the call as to whether or not their art is ‘good enough’.) Go boldly forward, self publisher. And know that you’re not as good as you will be,…

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Order Your Life, Or Your Life Orders You

By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 28, 2014 /

Self-publishing is not for those who like to take orders, it’s for those who like to give them. To be a self-pub author, you must inform your schedule. You call the shots. You assign tasks and you get them done. The buck stops with you. You complete (or don’t complete) your publishing projects. You have…

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A Published Book Is A Published Book

By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 27, 2014 /

Finishing up #write31days I’m going to share closing thoughts on self-publishing. Today’s thought is, simply, that a published book is a published book. I’m finding myself apologizing (Also, why do I apologize so much!?) for my little ‘book baby’. I’m still struggling with believing that a self-published book is, in fact, a real book. Which is a bit ironic…

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By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 25, 2014 /

As #write31Days draws to a close, I’d like to coast back into my normal writing mode. To be honest, I’ve felt very much out of my skin these past weeks. Informative non-fiction is not my jam. I like reading it from time to time, but I don’t like writing it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s…

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