My Very First Book Signing

By Victoria Easter Wilson / June 9, 2015 /

I had my first book signing on Saturday and it was all sorts of delightful! It was super amazing to have so many friends and supporters of Re’and stop by. Also the store gave me a free latte. That was nice. To be honest the promotionally stuff that went into planning the signing was a bit uncomfortable. BUT all the wonderful support…

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Hey Y'all! A few changes.

By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 11, 2014 /

Quick update! I wanted to let you know that I’ve moved the content from to this new site, (Thanks to my good friend Joshua for making the magic happen! Seriously, he’s amazing!) It relates to self-publishing in that having a unified online author platform is SUPER important these days! It also relates in…

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Guest Post & All The Announcements

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 12, 2014 /

Just a note to let y’all know that I’m posting over at Our House In The Middle of Our Street today, sharing a few thoughts about home and where we belong. Sarah and I met via blogging (she’s not an axe murder, I promise!) and we’ve really enjoyed connecting. So catch me over there today and poke around…

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Read a Chapter of Re'and + a Special Offer!

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 8, 2014 /

Hey y’all. I promise I won’t do many of these shameless self-promotion posts, but would you indulge me? As I feverishly work through edits to my upcoming YA fantasy novel, Re’and, I’ve been dying to bring you into the story. What better way to bring you into the story than to let you read part of…

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Things I Learned in August {Book Update Edition}

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 1, 2014 /

After taking July off from these end-of-month roundups, I thought I’d double up this ‘Things I Learned In” post to give an update on where I am with Re’and (you remember, the YA novel I’m releasing soon!) Thanks, as always, to Emily of Chatting at the Sky for being a lovely linkup hostess! “Friend-itors” are amazing. I wouldn’t be…

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Putting a Face to Re'and (Book Cover Reveal!)

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 21, 2014 /

I squealed when I opened my inbox. An email from Heather Dent Studio was waiting. A mock up of the book cover for Re’and was attached. I’m in love. (Aren’t you!?) Heather Dent’s Illustrations Heather and I attended college together and we’ve reconnected post-graduation over writing and motherhood. She’s also a writer and, as you can tell,…

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When You're Afraid Your Idea Is Stupid

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 15, 2014 /

I wrote a book and I’m afraid it’s stupid. It’s not a book per say. It’s a novella. (What else do you call a piece of writing that’s 20K words short of novel-status?) And wouldn’t say I’m afraid it’s stupid. Okay, maybe I would say that. Re’and is a fantasy story, which means it’s set in…

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My Very Own Paradigm Shift (Self Publishing)

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 8, 2014 /

Self-publishing is for losers. Self-publishing is for people who call themselves writers but are really, as my friend Kenneth hilariously said, harlots of the written word. Self-publishing is for folks who want to make a quick buck and think writing is the way to do it. It’s for self-absorbed narcissists who want to see their…

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