My Very First Book Signing

I had my first book signing on Saturday and it was all sorts of delightful! It was super amazing to have so many friends and supporters of Re’and stop by. Also the store gave me a free latte. That was nice.

To be honest the promotionally stuff that went into planning the signing was a bit uncomfortable. BUT all the wonderful support from family and friends (and the one drunk guy that stopped by but whatever) truly made me incredibly grateful for this gift of writing. I hope I never get tired of thanking the people who make the writer life possible.

Here are a few moments of the day!

>> All photo creds go to the looooovely Lindsey Frantz! << 

IMG_9899 - Version 2

“Notice that I am conveniently hidden from view while mom does her cheesy smile thing. Lame.” –Baby Wilson No. 2
IMG_9917 - Version 2

Chatting with a college classmate who stopped by, so nice!!IMG_9946 - Version 2

“Mom, is this that book you ignored me to finish writing?” –Carson
IMG_9949 - Version 2

Carson was VERY concerned that mommy was not giving her full attention.
IMG_9922 - Version 2

My free latte!! And also my book. But also my free latte.

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