Your true love,

Should know they’re not as needed as the ONE who IS Love.

This lesson, often hard-learned, is something I’ve gathered from my first (and, I pray, ONLY) relationship. I’ve noticed that my golden-retriever mentality – picture the excited and sometimes annoying loyalty of a puppy, you got me – has the tendency to turn into blind devotion. I say “blind” because only people who cannot see the majesty of the Lord will put their devotion anywhere else except in Him.

Not that I have many more amazing thoughts on the topic, and in truth those few lines were a far cry from “amazing”, but I wanted to at least get this bit of it out. Nothing will satisfy you like Jesus, not family, friends, coworkers, husbands or wives. Nothing. Live in light of this reality and don’t lean on anyone less than the God of the Universe.

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