Thoughts on Weddings

Haven’t posted in a while because this weekend I went to a college friend’s wedding in Alabama over the weekend. Didn’t think about going back a time zone, then hitting Daylight Savings time as I came BACK into Kentucky. Despite the long (and time-confusing) drive home, this wedding was SO worth the effort!

I am SO excited for this couple and here’s why: Their wedding was, and marriage will be, 110% about Jesus.

The bride and groom chose a very elegantly simple wedding style, which turned out gorgeous! Their main focus was on presenting the importance of their marriage as it is a model of Jesus’ sacrificial-love for the Church. What a blessing to call the bride my friend! 🙂

I’m at that stage in life where the wedding invitations are beginning to pile on the refrigerator. To be honest, some weddings are totally depressing because the couple places more emphasis on a few hours worth of decorations and entertainment over the solemnity and joy of making a life-long covenant together. Of course, I look at weddings from this Christian mindset. Really, I can’t see how weddings would have any other weight underneath the ceremony if they weren’t representing the most wonderful and glorious union of all: Jesus with believers.

Congrats to my dear friends!

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