The Post About Image, Again

marycassatIt seems as if I am incapable of only writing one post about image or, really, any subject I’m wrestling to understand. So here’s two for two.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll remember my first thoughts about body image followed a hair cut. Interestingly enough, so do the second.

Recently, I donated hair to Locks of Love. Which wasn’t entirely something I ever thought I would do, but was still a great experience. I’d recommend it. But a disconnect happened about 5 milliseconds after I left the salon. “What have I done with my haaaaaaaaaair!?” I inwardly moaned. Sure, I could think about the nameless child struggling with cancer who would be blessed out of my abundance, but frankly that nameless child wasn’t on my radar. How ashamed I am to write those words. No, at that moment in time I was only thinking about my lost vanity.

I’m actually kind of attached to my hair. (I wrote a whole piece about it once. Please, don’t judge!) It’s silly. It’s totally ridiculous. To think I could wrap my identity up in something as menial as hair is laughable. Lamentable.

That night I stared into my bathroom mirror (furniture also known as a “vanity”, interestingly enough) and watched my face crumple into a puddle of tears. “I hate it, Ben! My hair is so short!” Poor Ben, he’s been through his lion’s share of overreactions – and we’re only three months into this whole marriage thing.

The only cure for self-centeredness is selflessness.

The only person who is perfectly selfless (and holy, and humble, and righteous) and empowers us to be selfless is Jesus.

How often had I encouraged others to wrap up their identity in Christ? I was in desperate need of my own advice.

If you struggle with letting your self-centered image dominate your self-worth, believe the Gospel and hear Christ when He says:

“For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.”
(Luke 9:24)

Whatever your personal vanity, don’t let it rule your person-hood. Lose your life for the sake of Christ only to find it again.

Truly, I would shave all the hair off of my head if it would teach me to look at myself less and look at Christ more. Though I haven’t been asked to shave my head clean, I have been asked to trust and obey my Savior. Obedience starts now, with or without luscious locks of hair on my head.

What about you? Can you relate?

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