A Rambler's Manifesto

Y’all, this is a defining moment.

A big step for the blog.

And for the ‘Victoria’s Ramblings’ brand. (As much as I’ve been second guessing its name lately!)

Ramblers, we have a call to arms. A manifesto. A document describing why we do what we do.

And I want to share this charge with you.

rambler’s manifestoClick here to get your copy of A Rambler’s Manifesto!

I wrote a manifesto because Jeff Goins suggested it. And when Jeff Goins says you should do something, you pretty much should listen.

But truthfully I’ve wanted to define who we are for sometime. You are my people. We get each other. No explanations needed. And I’m so grateful for that.

I am beyond excited to share A Ramblers Manifesto with you. And if you like what you read, I’d love you to share it with friends!

This blog is meant to create space for you to take time to tell your story. This little document is simply a building block along the way.

Shall we?

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