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My Goals & Word for 2017

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 1, 2017 /

A New Year’s Day tradition I’ve carved out for myself is to process the goals swirling around in my head. As an ENFJ I can be overly idealistic. I get excited over leading myself and others into new territory, but I have a great tendency to bite off more than I can chew – which…

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The Life & Death of Mrs. Perfection

By Victoria Easter Wilson / February 16, 2015 /

Mrs. Perfection woke up precisely at 5:45am, as was her daily custom, and silenced her analog alarm clock. LED lights create bad sleeping habits, you know. She drank one 12oz cup of coffee as instructed by her doctor, not a sip more, and ate a perfectly balanced breakfast. Not too much cholesterol, not too little…

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