Rock concerts are sort of like Heaven

I’m not trying to be irreverent! Over the weekend I went to a Third Day concert, which also had the grand honor of being my first concert ever!

The music was AMAZING and I had such a fantastic time watching these guys show their flair. I think it’s especially cool that their music isn’t just entertaining, it also glorifies God.

Me and Ben (my rockstar boyfriend) even made a “friend” before the show began, a dude sitting in our row who also a believer. We loved being encouraged by him and swapping ministry stories. Where else can you fall into fellowship with a total stranger!? Meeting fellow members of family of God reminded me a bit of what that awesome family reunion in Heaven will be like!

The most Heavenly part happened when Mac Powell, Third Day’s lead singer, was letting the audience sing along to “Worthy is the Lamb, the Lord God Almighty”. As we all got the hang of it Mac quietly slipped offstage and there we were, an auditorium full of Christians singing the name of Jesus and l loving it!

Heaven? Yea, kind of like that I imagine….maybe minus the laser lights!

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