Nothing can go wrong

Was jamming out to Jeremy Camp on my way to work the other day and needlessly worrying over some details of my life.

The LORD reminded me, right in the middle of the hammer lane on the interstate, that nothing “wrong” will ever happen to me. We often have a fear, at least I do, that we are one choice away from a horrible calamity. What if I decide to do this and not that? What if I make the right decision too late? What if!?

If you believe the Supremacy of Christ (language that John Piper likes to use), then nothing wrong will ever happen in your life (Matthew 6:30-34). We may be called to do things that are harder or easier for us, but God has orchestrated it all when we were knit in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). Nothing He commands is one stitch out of place.

Jesus won’t let you go! Think of that truth if you struggle, like me, to understand how events turn. Be blessed 🙂

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