Notes From A Recovering Yes-Woman

At the beginning of 2016, I decided my word for the year would be ‘No’. Very flashy. (With my infrequent blogging, you might assume I’ve been doing a swell job of saying ‘NO!’) Truthfully, it’s been difficult to hear myself declining requests over and over again.

I want to be Yes-Woman.

Book club? Sure! I’m in.

Volunteer fundraiser? Definitely.

New business venture? Let’s get it off the ground!

In trying(!) to intentionally say no more often, I’ve learned that I actually live under a great deal of fear. I’m afraid of missing out. Of letting people down. Of losing a great opportunity. But fear, as we know, cannot characterize the Christian life.

Both personally and professionally I’ve said no to many enticing opportunities. But through those little deaths to self, I know I’m being refined. In ignoring my limits, I functionally act as if I am limitless. Only God who sovereignly created our limits, is Himself without limit. I’m learning to see my weaknesses as good things. They require me to rely on the Lord, and to submit to His will.

This Year of No has also given me razor sharp focus on the things I should be saying yes to. Two tools in particular which have helped me say yes to the right things are The Brilliant Life Planner and the 100percentdoula training program. A bit of a teaser for forthcoming posts about both of these tools! I’m really blessed to have two unique jobs, and I want to manage them well. Saying ‘No’ has allowed me to better define my roles, and operate within those boundaries.

Though blogging has been more infrequent than I like (my day job has been taking priority in this season), you can still catch me regularly on Instagram, striving to share those gut-honest reflections I promise. Social media is both my kryptonite and my secret weapon.

That’s about it for this little update. No promises on post frequency, but do know that we’re pursuing better routines as a family which will allow us to best love our kids, work well, and have room for passions – like writing.

How have you been, friends?

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