New Moms, New Moms Everywhere

New mom, today is for you.

In a complete work of God, I am a guest on the God-centered Mom podcast today – chatting about how to be God-centered as a new mother.

God Centered Mom by Heather MacFadyenI reached out to Heather MacFadyen with a few guest post ideas from a new mom’s perspective. As the Lord would plan it, new moms had been on her heart, too. Rather than talking about guest posting, she graciously invited me on her podcast, instead! To say I was blown away would be an understatement; I was floored!!! Heather is such a lovely hostess and I really loved recording with her.

You can listen to the podcast here. (And if you like God-centered Mom, would you consider leaving her a review? It’ll help others find her show!)

Forgive my nervous laughter and awkward interruptions. Listen to Heather’s wisdom and godly encouragement to new moms.

Hope our chat encourages you!

God-centered Mom Podcast
The New Mom Life {Episode 46}

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