Making Your House A Home


Housekeeping. Homemaking.

Those words are slightly uncomfortable to me. Always have been. Images of pearls and June Cleaver come to mind, as do expectations of Pinterest-glory that I’ll undoubtedly never achieve.

Why do we put that kind of pressure on ourselves? It’s ridiculous, really.

It’ll do nothing less than push us less-than-perfect homemakers to the brink of desperate measures and never-ending competition; nothing in the way of happy. So why do it?

Why not realize that a home is what you make of it? Why not care more about who’s in your house instead of what’s in your house? Don’t let the expectation of creating a perfect home stop you from living. Don’t let the idol of style cripple your hospitality.

As a newlywed our little home is less than perfect. We live in a simple apartment with bare minimum furniture and color-less walls. But we make our home, not our stuff.

Home | Living Room

Not much to say tonight, just the musings of a less-than perfect homemaker.

What’s your housekeeping philosophy? What does your house look like?

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