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I love listening to Matt Chandler preach. Every word from his mouth is just saturated with the Gospel; you can truly feel the weight of glory in his sermons. This particular sermon I’m sharing is a part of a Prayer series his church – The Village Church in Texas – is in the midst of. Though about prayer, there’s also a sanctity of human life element (as it was preached on January 22nd – Sanctity of Human Life Sunday) in this piece.

The issue of LIFE has been on my mind lately. Not only have several sermons I’ve heard spoken about the biblical call to defend the unborn (and, let’s remember, those lives which are often forgotten in mental hospitals and nursing homes), but abortion has been staring me in the face everyday. My new workplace is right across the street from Planned Parenthood. It didn’t strike me until an office assistant was giving one of our clients directions, “We’re the building facing Planned Parenthood.” FACING them. Children are murdered a football field away from my desk, probably on a weekly basis. (And, yes, I do strongly contend and believe that life begins at conception. If you want to talk about this, feel free to shoot a comment.)

Not only have I begun to pray each morning for those moms and babies that will walk through the door to Planned Parenthood, I also wanted to take a more active approach. I called up our local crisis pregnancy center to ask what their needs were and if there was any way I could help. You’d be amazed how simple this step can be. The woman I spoke with was so excited that someone would just call, out of the blue, and want to help. I’m looking forward to my information packet which should arrive in the mail any day. I’m looking forward to forming a relationship with this crisis pregnancy center.

Has God been placing the issue of LIFE in your mind? On your heart? I would strongly recommend Chandler’s sermon (posted above) and challenge you to act on that conviction. Our faith is not idle (see: James). Be encouraged 🙂

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  1. Bek on February 18, 2012 at 1:29 am

    Thanks for sharing this, Victoria. The issue of life has definitely been weighing on me for a few years, and over a coffee date we can talk more details! 🙂 I’m looking into this pastor of whom you speak 🙂

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