God Cares About Car Hoods

This week God provided for me in ways I didn’t deserve. At all. BUT despite my great insufficiency Christ is wholly sufficient.

For those who don’t know I got into a fender bender last Saturday which resulted in a pretty awesome dent on my hood. The quotes I was getting to fix this bad boy ran around $1000. Since I only have liability insurance and, admittedly, this wreck was totally my fault I was looking at footing the bill. Needless to say I was getting worried. Like most people I don’t have a grand laying around. Throughout this past week I was getting increasingly anxious about the cost.

When I’m frustrated over something I find it very difficult to approach God in prayer. Ironic, yes. It’s not because I don’t think God wants to listen, but because my mind won’t stop spinning.

On Friday my car went to the mechanic for a break pad change. This mechanic is legit. Really, he is! Just a good ol boy. Before he jacked the car, he took one look at my bent hood and asked if I had gotten any quotes. I said no and he asked would I mind if he took a look.

Within two seconds this hefty dude put his weight on the hood of my car and BAM! It cracked back into place. Woah, did that just happen!? My mechanic then jiggled with the latch and it, too, morphed back into place.

“Do I owe you anything extra?” I asked, remembering my $500-$1000 quotes.

“Nah, it’s cool.”

And if I felt safe to cry in front of mechanic, I would have.

THAT is how God unexpectedly, beautifully, and faithfully provides. Even when we are too frazzled to see beyond broken fender bender cars.

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