Cleaning Crud

This morning, with rag and soap in hand, I began to clean out the time-built crud from our refrigerator. Working from the ground up, I scrubbed and bubbled until the mangy-mess disappeared.

I have to confess, at first I was slightly resentful. “Why am I cleaning this mess? My crazy family is going to make it dirty again before I can say ‘Clorox’!” I cleaned the fridge for the same reason that we all take a bath, even though we’ll need another one the next day. Out of obedience.

The rules of cleanliness say that to keep something sparkly-shiny, upkeep is required. Out of obedience to those rules – what is required – we continue in the work of keeping-clean.

In many ways, our Christian walk is the same. We must continually ask for forgiveness, even though we know another failure could be just around the corner. Why? Because we live in a “dirty” world and if we let our sponges down for the merest of moments – all the dirt, filth, and grime will ooze its way back into our souls. Frankly, this principle applies to non-Christians as well. The point is to remain clean and pure of heart, a job which requires work and many non-judgmental helping hands.

The fridge is now finished and I’m moving on to the microwave.

I just wanted to jot a quick note and share with you all one of the ways I’m learning to overcome my critical nature. Do, keep praying for me as I keep praying for you!

(Originally Published 19 June 2010)

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