A small drop in the middle of a writing storm!

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 17, 2011 /

With college graduation coming up in less than a month, most of my writing – actually ALL of my writing – has been confined to academic pursuits. However, I do have a small something to share! One of my final projects is a short, first-person, story. Here is the opening I’ve been working out. Enjoy!…

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Don’t worry about it. Focus on Jesus.

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 17, 2011 /

I hate to talk about my personal life on such a public forum as this, but God has been using my wiser, more mature boyfriend to teach me a great deal lately and I’m compelled to share the knowledge. I say “wiser” and “more mature” because, quite frankly, he is. My boyfriend (Ben) has spend…

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Approaching the Throne

By Victoria Easter Wilson / June 23, 2011 /

Hello blogging world! It’s been a wee while. My life somehow amped to warp speed when I wasn’t looking! Why the busyness? I moved into my first apartment (in the process of getting settled), am taking summer classes (which will allow me to graduate a semester early – this December), and working two jobs (to…

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Opposites Attract

By Victoria Easter Wilson / May 20, 2011 /

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the paradox, “Opposites attract.” Why do opposites exist? What causes opposites to attract? How in the world are opposites supposed to work together? When you answer these questions, let me know! Nothing has taught me more about opposites than dating.  That’s right. The girl who was going to traipse the…

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When the Cotton Patch was White

By Victoria Easter Wilson / April 22, 2011 /

               *A small piece I worked on over the past couple of months, recently resurrected from my computer to be shared with friends. Enjoy!*                 A man lumbers towards my porch, his face gnarled with age like an old oak tree. I can barely see his squinty eyes through the lumps of flesh underneath his…

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Crummy Monday

By Victoria Easter Wilson / April 12, 2011 /

I don’t usually buy into the “I Hate Mondays” routine. I suppose there is an exception to every rule. Today has been a pretty crummy Monday. Coming off a rather challenging weekend, I was looking forward to a solid night’s sleep to clear my head and begin the day with my best face forward. No…

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By Victoria Easter Wilson / March 9, 2011 /

As my last post was about patience, I thought it might be wise to couple that virtue with another one: perseverance. While patience suggests a sort of waiting for events to happen, perseverance suggests a working through events that are currently happening. I believe this season of life is teaching me that patience and perseverance…

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Patient as a Flower

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 15, 2011 /

My first Valentine’s Day rose. I’ve been thinking about patience – the art of waiting – a lot recently. Though I love my college experience, it’s sometimes difficult to remain in the “now”. Since I was a little girl, I loved to plan, to dream about what exciting event would come next. The older I’ve…

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Neglectful Blogger!

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 7, 2011 /

Hi everyone! I know, I know, it’s been forever since my last post. I feel like a bad parent! Rest assured that I’m working on new blog posts and, hopefully, the craziness we call ‘life’ will wind down just enough for me to share some new thoughts with you. Patience is a virtue! Haha. Always,…

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Hair: a young life in three acts

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 8, 2010 /

Hair: a young life in three acts from Victoria Easter

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