How's your Love Life?

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 12, 2010 /

Today, I am a single woman. To be honest, my “relationship status” hasn’t changed drastically over the past twenty years. Actually, it hasn’t changed at all. I’m at that stage in life when everyone around me seems to be dating, engaged, or married. Some days, I feel dreadfully left-out of the fun. “So, how’s your…

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Tying a Rainbow

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 11, 2010 /

This isn’t especially profound or lengthy, but here we go! Yesterday, driving through the gorgeous scenery of back-roads Kentucky, God blessed the skies with a rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet all appeared in amazing colors across the Kentucky landscape. My devotional time has been in Genesis the past couple of mornings…

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Let's start at the very beginning.

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 2, 2010 /

Since I’ve returned from one fantastically, amazing semester abroad in Scotland (read all about it at: so many people have kindly asked if I would continue blogging. At first my answer was “No.” My reasoning being that, after coming home from the Old Country, I had nothing interesting left to report. During these past…

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