How I Became A Virtual Assistant (5 Tips For New VAs)

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 23, 2016 /

There’s been a lot of interest in my work as a Virtual Assistant. And I get the appeal. “You have a work-at-home job that isn’t a ponzi scheme? You can make money in your yoga pants!? Tell me more!” While I’m still very new to this game and have much to learn, I hope that…

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Absolutely Loved My 1st Fix, But I Returned It: An Honest Stitch Fix Experience

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 12, 2016 /

The siren’s song of Stitch Fix has been luring me for years. It all started when big-name bloggers I follow posted their fixes. Then, slowly, medium-sized and smaller-bloggers I knew joined in the chorus. Then one of my I-didn’t-meet-you-on-the-Internet, you’ve-been-to-my-house friends signed up. I figured if she was on board, I could give it a…

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Self-Discipline and My Year Of No

By Victoria Easter Wilson / January 1, 2016 /

The days between Christmas and New Year’s are some of my favorite. I enjoy using the time to look back, and plan forward. My husband and I rearranged our home office and, in the process, I found several tools I’d purchased over the months to help me get more done. Tools that were halfheartedly attempted…

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Counting My Blessings After Nora's Birth

By Victoria Easter Wilson / December 3, 2015 /

One reason Nora’s birth story has been so resonate is because of the many  ways God provided throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum with her. I wanted to share some of those ways with you, as a testament to His faithfulness and lovingkindness. Our doula invited us to pray specifically for this birth. She…

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Nora Heather’s Birth Story

By Victoria Easter Wilson / November 5, 2015 /

I wanted to get the words on the page while this experience was still fresh in my mind! I will likely come back in a few weeks and make some updates, but for now enjoy the rawness of the story. (11/5) Prelabor The weeks leading up to Nora’s birth were an intense mental, emotional, and…

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By Victoria Easter Wilson / October 22, 2015 /

I’ve been feeling like a dull butter knife these days. (And, frankly, it’s not like butter knives do much damage even when they’re sharp.) Maybe it’s been my stint as a for realsies stay-at-home-mom. Or being pregnant. Or both. (Probably both.) But I just feel like I’ve lost my zip. I don’t think as clearly…

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A Stretching Pregnancy

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 30, 2015 /

Over the past thirty something weeks, my ligaments have stretched and strained to make room for this baby girl inside. The aches and pains have come on quicker, stronger this second merry-go-round. My hips are wider. My legs stouter, ankles rounder. My body literally creaking beneath the weight of growing new life. And my soul,…

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Influence Conference 2015 | RECAP

By Victoria Easter Wilson / September 25, 2015 /

Several years ago I learned about these two gutsy ladies and their crazy idea of putting together a community of godly women who ‘get’ the Internet. Turns out, the idea isn’t so crazy after all. I was finally able to formally join The Influence Network* last year and have been so equipped by the resources they…

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The Doula Post

By Victoria Easter Wilson / August 24, 2015 /

I don’t know when I first felt the inkling to become a doula. It could have been when I discovered my parents’ copy of A Child Is Born. Amazed, slightly embarrassed, and intrigued at the full-spread image of a baby’s head emerging from between his mother’s legs. It could have been when I watched my…

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Hasten Ye Back: My Return Trip To Scotland

By Victoria Easter Wilson / July 25, 2015 /

I started what would become this blog in 2010, to document my semester abroad at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Those five months changed my life in ways I am still realizing. I felt independent. Free. Alive. As if I was falling in love – with a land and its people. Even today, I hold…

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