Approaching the Throne

Hello blogging world! It’s been a wee while. My life somehow amped to warp speed when I wasn’t looking! Why the busyness? I moved into my first apartment (in the process of getting settled), am taking summer classes (which will allow me to graduate a semester early – this December), and working two jobs (to support the new apartment and summer classes!). Even in the middle of such craziness, God speaks.
This past Sunday, I found an after-church conversation with a dear friend of mine so encouraging. In the middle of this talk, we stumbled upon a beautiful, albeit a little bit girly, analogy which works really well to picture the saving work of Jesus Christ. Would you let me share the story?
Picture yourself in allegory land . . .
You’re a weary traveler on a muddy and winding road. You’ve been desperately searching for peace, love, a life not wasted. Countless villages on your way have promised the salvation you crave, but never delivered. Months of searching have left you more lost and alone than you were when you began your search.
Unexpectedly, your surroundings begin to change. The f0g clears, your muddy feet begin to dry, and you find yourself staring into an open field. Ahead, there is a grand palace. A palace more beautiful than you can imagine. From a high tower you hear a thundering voice which calls, “My child! Come home!”
You run. You run as fast as your blistered feet can carry you.
Once you reach the door, a servant whisks you to the Throne Room. “We’ve no time to wait,” she explains, “the King is anxious to meet you!”
Already, you are impressed with the immense beauty and grandeur of this place. You climb the entry-way stairs, two-by-two, then come to a halting stop. The doors to the Throne Room are flung open, and you catch your breath.
There, at the far end of the room, sits the King. Covered in splendor like you’ve never seen before, he sits with authority and might. Arms and battle trophies are displayed about the rafters like a peacock. Scrolls with the letter of the law are scattered about his chair. The King is not to be trifled with. Yet, the smile in his eyes seems to make you not afraid. He must be a merciful sovereign, as well.
Instantly you fall to the floor, becoming aware of your insufficiency. Your clothes are dirty and torn from years of traveling. Your face is haggard from countless days of disappointment. Your stench is unbearable compared to the sweet incense of the palace. You’ve no manners, no idea how to behave in front of awe-inspiring people. Heartbreakingly, you decide to slip away before any more embarrassment further wounds you pride.
Then, Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace – stops you in your tracks. He removes the royal robe from his own shoulders and places them on yours. “Accept my Righteousness.” He says. “Boldly approach the Throne of Grace.”
Indeed, you see the King resolutely coming towards you. “Welcome to my Kingdom, Child.” He says. “There is a place for you here.”
You begin to protest, “But, My Lord, I am unworthy. I am scum. I have nothing to bring you. Can’t you see my state?”
The King looks at you fondly, “Do not be afraid. I chose to look, instead, at my Son’s robes upon your back. Now, come into my Kingdom and learn how you may be of service.”

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  1. Life Lessons with Anna on June 23, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Wow! I love this. Very good way to put this.

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