A very overdue post

            I know it has been an inordinate amount of time since I last posted. Life is in super-drive right now and, probably, will be until I graduate in December! Just a small list of the many opportunities God’s prepared for me in the coming weeks:

1)       Attending my third wedding in a month. (Congrats!)
2)      Going to a REDS game with my man.
3)      Finishing Summer II classes (Bye bye Physics!)
4)     Keep studying through the book of Acts.
5)      Purposing to spend more time listening to the LORD.
6)     Hosting an old classmate in my apartment. (Good catching up to do.)
7)      Hosting a bridal shower in my apartment.
8)     Hosting a cookout at my apartment. (Should be a good chance to get to know some people.)
9)      Cooking dinner/entertaining lots of friends.
10)   Finishing up working at the magazine.
11)    Beginning work as a Teacher’s Assistant.
12)   Welcoming my family for a visit to Kentucky.

And so much more! Lots to do, but a gracious God to do it for. 😀

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