A Rambling Post for a Rambling Blog

Before you read, let me play you some background music. Ah, that’s better, here we go.

Apparently me leaving Facebook has been somewhat of a catastrophe. You wouldn’t believe the outrage that has come my way! Simple decision, apparently major implications. I very well may return to Facebook in a year or so, but not for a good while! Since y’all won’t find me on the ol’ Fb, you can follow me on Twitter and (my new love) Pinterest

Since I do want to blog more, I am taking tips and hints from blogsphere pros. My favorite blogger at the moment is Katelyn James. She’s a wedding photographer by trade, but keeps a beautiful blog! Her voice is distinct and she seems to connect well with her audience. (No one freak out, I am not engaged. I just like looking at wedding pictures 🙂 Very romantic!) She photographed a family friend’s wedding, so that’s how I found her site. Pretty spiffy.

In general news, work is going well and I’m quickly learning what it means to be a young professional. That being said, I am VERY young, the youngest in my office. Though most people try to mask how old they are, I find myself trying to mask how young I am! Everyone seems happy to have me as their Administrative Coordinator and, honestly, I am very glad too! Working with our clients on welfare does make for interesting stories, I’ll have to figure out if I can share any on the blog. Confidentiality reigns supreme.

All for now!

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