New motherhood both delighted and overwhelmed me. It was during those early weeks postpartum, caring for my newborn, that the phrase “mother yourself” became a lifeline. I found great encouragement and wisdom from other mamas in my community, understanding that to mother well, we need support. (To get an inside look at my doula journey, you can read this blog post.)


I believe that mothers are born on the same day as their babies. Birth is a rite of passage. Physiologically designed to be a visceral, lifelong memory. A time when women greatly benefit from being informed, empowered, and comforted. To be mothered, that they might mother. It is my desire to support you in the birth that you feel is best for you and your family. My goal is to serve you with information, physical comfort measures, and encouragement.


Mother Well provides informational, physical, and emotional support to moms before, during, and right after birth. I am a DONA International certified birth doula. I have also been trained through Passion For Birth as a childbirth educator. My goal is to ensure mothers have the tools they need to ‘mother well’ during pregnancy and birth.